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Wet caves of Bonaire: Pos di Urugyan di Zuid

Pos di Urugyan di Zuid, also known as Pos di Kalbas or “The Mailbox” is one of the most extense cave systems in the island.

This is one of the best known wet caves in Bonaire. It has been dived extensively through the years, in many occasions with no proper training or equipment, causing irreparable damage to the cave formations.

Although it has been almost fully explored and mapped in the past by Pamela Werdath and Malin Kaijser (both members of CARIBSS), there are no good recent shots of this cave.

One of the goals of the Wet Cave Exploration Project regarding this cave is to document the most remarkable features contained in it and the damage caused to them in the past.
We hope, by our activity, to create awareness about the delicate situation of our underground cave systems and to preserve them for the generations to come.

*PLEASE note that these caves are not “open” to the general public. Further survey and research should be done, and visitors can severely compromise this process.


Photographer: Lars Bosman

Model: Yago Rodriguez