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S.I.C.O.M. Recognition For 2 Bat Maternity Roosts on Bonaire


A.I.C.O.M. and  S.I.C.O.M. (Spanish acronyms for Area and Site of Importance for Bat Conservation) are designations that indicate international recognition granted by a group of world class bat scientists. The designation can be used as a tool to obtain local legal protection for a priority roost.

On the island of Bonaire we found two caves without any legal protection that serve as the only maternity chambers for at least 2 species of insect-eating bats and therefore meet the criteria for obtaining international recognition as a SICOM.

In order to support our SICOM applications with scientific data, we  will assess the physical characteristics of these roosts by mapping the caves. Additionally, in order to estimate their population size, determine the life cycle of the species and the yearly patterns of use of the roosts, we will conduct periodical (every 2 months for 2 consecutive years) estimations of relative abundance of the species by setting harp traps and/or mist nets at the exit of each cave.

Fernando Simal                                          
From: August 2017 To: December 2017
Funds Approved
 Dutch Government

 Dutch Government

Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire


> To obtain international recognitions by RELCOM as a site of IMPORTANCE for bat conservation for Kueba di Bakuna.