Bonaire Wet Cave System Exploration


Caves in Bonaire have been the subject of very little researche and  they remain mostly unexplored. Although present in great numbers throughout the island , their natural importance is yet to be determined. These caves contain unique formations and are home to species that are only found there. Caves also contain the main reservoir of fresh water of the island.

There are a dozen of diveable caves in Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, ranging from small flooded holes to extense systems containing several galleries and rooms. In most cases, caves are narrow and remote and their access is generally very complicated.

The Bonaire Wet Cave System Exploration Project is a long term enterprise conducted by a local team of cave divers, along with the collaboration of individuals, organizations and companies that believe that the economy and health of the island and its inhabitants depend on the conservation, promotion and sustainable use  of the local nature.

Alejandro Gutiérrez                                            
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 >To locate new inland caves and sea caves along the coast of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire,

>To explore, document and maintain these caves according to international safety standards,

>To identify and document natural resources contained in them.